Quick, safe and efficient e-banking!

E-banking is a financial service of Prva banka CG which provides the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way to manage your money whether it is used for business or personal purposes.
Get acquainted with the most important security recommendations and how to protect personal data


Possibility to conduct cash transactions from any location, in the country or abroad, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Safety and ease of use.


Economics - time savings and cost savings.

Quick, safe and efficient e-banking !

E-banking system enables customers to manage their accounts using Internet without going to the Bank.

To use the e-banking services, a corporate client is required to:

  • Have an account with us;
  • Complete the application form for e-banking (in case a client wants to activate a payment option, they need to sign the relevant agreement);
  • Take identification code (PIN mailer) in one of our offices.

Prva banka CG, na Vaš zahtjev, obezbjeđuje instalacioni paket za korišćenje e-banking servisa. Klijent uvijek može provjeriti stanje na računu, pregledati promet, štampati dnevne izvode i svakog momenta biti upoznat sa svim promjenama na računu.

Service Fees
Payments discount 10,00% (dekadno)
Connection to e-banking 4,00€
Installation of FX application – first time real costs (invoice)
Certificate renewal real costs (invoice)
Monthly e-banking fee 5.00 €
Client service on client’s request free of charge
Cancellation 10,00€