Manage your finances without leaving the branch!

E-banking is a financial service of Prva banka CG which provides the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way to manage your money whether it is used for business or personal purposes.
Get acquainted with the most important security recommendations and how to protect personal data


You have information about the status on your accounts at any time.


In addition to the password, when logging, you receive a TAN password via sms or e-mail.


realize all types of payments via computer, without queuing.

Do business fast, safe and efficient !

E-banking system enables customers to manage their accounts using Internet without going to the Bank.

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Prva e-banking enables you:

  • Insight into the balance and turnover in accounts (current, foreign currency, savings accounts), payment cards and loans;
  • Transfer of funds from one account to another, settlement of credit card and loan liabilities;
  • Pre-defined bills payment and transfer of money to the accounts of all banks in the country;
  • Exchange office - transfer of funds with currency conversion;
  • Set up permanent payment orders.
E-mail notification of inflow and outflow on the account 1,20 €
SMS notification of inflow and outflow on the account 0,60 €
E-banking packet SMS and Web info 1,00 €
E-banking packet SMS and Web payments 1,50 €
E-banking packet E-mail and Web info 1,50 €
E-banking packet E-mail and Web payments 2,00 €

Note: In addition to the basic, already registered e-banking account, you can also add additional accounts at a special fee of 0.50eur.