We offer you business abroad with favourable conditions. To be able to send or receive money from abroad, open a foreign currency account in our bank

For further information, please contact the Department of Payments at e-mail: info@prvabankacg.com.

A resident clientclient completes the Application for opening of foreign exchange account and signs an agreement with the Bank.
If a clientclient already has an account used for domestic payments, then they do not need to submit documents again (other than the above Application), since they are already in our archive. Archived documents are used to open the f/x account.
In case where a corporate client wants to open an account for the first time, the client needs to deliver the same documents as for the opening of an account in domestic payment operations (click here).
A client – non-resident resident needs to complete the Application for opening of foreign exchange account and sign an agreement with the Bank. To open a f/x account, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A written request for opening of an account on a letterhead of a foreign corporate client (with basic data – name, seat, contact details etc.),
  • Certified copy of registration of legal entity from abroad or to show an original (not older than 3 months),
  • Letters of authorisation for persons who will be authorised to use funds on accounts (name and surname, address, passport number, level of authorisation, signing – individually, collectively etc.),
  • Completed Specimen Signature Card of persons authorised to sign payment orders; the Specimen Signature Card must be signed by an authorised entity of an applicant, certified by the same stamp that will be used to certify order payments (Bank form),
  • Copy of a passport of authorised person(s),
  • Documents about industry of the company.
All documents must be submitted in Montenegrin language.
Remittances from abroad (LORO remittances)
LORO remittance is an instrument in foreign exchange payments for collection of receivables from abroad or for incoming payments.
For this remittance to be completed it is not necessary to come to the Bank; instead, we inform you about your inflows (at a counter, by e-mail, mobile phone or some other means of modern communication).
There is no fee for incoming payment to foreign exchange account.
  • Basis for payment (invoice, purchase order, agreement …),
  • f/x account of a beneficiary abroad instruction, complete instruction which implies provision of full details (IBAN, SWIFT CODE, address, basis for payment),
  • Filled in and signed Foreign Payment Order.

Fees charged are consistent with the Policy of Fees and Charges. The amount charged depends on the value date and chosen cost option: SHA, BEN or OUR.
To transfer funds from f/x account to current account, clients need to deliver the Request for transfer of funds from f/x account to current account on a letterhead that is signed by an authorised person.
Incasso cheques
In addition to above instruments of foreign payment, Prva banka CG also does incasso cheques. Fees are subject to the Fees Policy of Prva banka CG and they are charged in advance.
Documentary letters of credit
A documentary letter of credit is an instrument of payment/collection in international payments, by which the bank assumes a liability to pay the beneficiary of the letter of credit following the presentation of the documents which are in accordance with the conditions and provisions stipulated in the letter of credit.. Fees are subject to the Fees Policy of Prva banka CG.
Option of doing foreign exchange operations through e-banking
Prva banka CG offers cost-effective and time-saving e-banking services. For more details please go to E-banking for corporate clients.
Correspondent banks
Prva banka CG uses foreign payment services of some of the world’s most renowned and successful financial institutions. Our SWIFT code: PRVAMEPG.