Take advantage of the opportunity and deposit money at the most favourable interest rates, in the amount and time that suits you.

Special offer:
Favorable interest rate on term deposits for both individuals and legal entities, for amounts over EUR 50,000.00


Prva banka Crne Gore is a member of the deposit protection system.
Opening of a deposit account is free-of-charge.
General terms:
  • Interest on term deposits is calculated by a compounding method with a real number of days of a month;
  • Any domestic or foreign corporate client can enter into Term Deposit Agreement;
  • Early release of a corporate term deposit can be done only upon receipt of a written request from client;
  • If the Client does not withdraw the deposit upon expiry of the term deposit, the Agreement will be automatically renewed on the due date and on the terms valid on the day of renewal of the deposit.
Instant access deposits are funds that can be deposited or withdrawn at any time. All changes in account balances are recorded immediately.

Interest rates on instant access deposits of corporate clients:
  Instant access deposits for corporate clients
  • Deposits with average balance of up to 100.000€
  • Deposits with average balance over 100.000€

  • 0,01%
  • 0,02%
  Deposits of corporate clients in foreign currencies No interest rates
Term deposits are funds that a corporate client deposits for a predefined period of time.
Depending on the method of interest payment - after the expiration of the time period, you have the option of choosing the following term deposit options in advance or monthly:
Standard (classic) type – interest is calculated and accrued to the principal amount either upon expiry of term or paid out on monthly basics
  • Minimum deposit  – 100,00 €.
  • Deposit your fund in local (EUR) or other currnecy (USD, CHF, GBP)
Interest rates on term deposits of corporate clients in EUR, for amounts over EUR 200,000.00:
Term/Month Deposit for amount over 200,000.00 EUR
1 0,02%
3 0,10%
6 0,25%
9 0,30%
12 0,70%
18 0,80%
24 1,20%
36 1,50%
Interest rates on term deposits of corporate clients in EUR, for amounts smaller or equal to EUR 200,000.00:
  • Deposit for amount smaller or equal to 200,000.00 EUR
  • 100-
1 0,03%
3 0,15%
6 0,35%
9 0,40%
12 0,90%
18 1,00%
24 1,40%
36 1,57%
  • Should client not withdraw the deposit upon its maturity, the agreement is renewed automatically for the same term and under conditions taht are valid on the day of renewal of term.
  • In case of depositing for over 36 months or an amount over 100, 000 EUR interest rate may be differently defined from the one stated in the Review and will be defined for each case individually.
Example of term of deposit:
Principal 10,000.00€
Term of deposit 12 months
Interest rate 0,70%
Interest 70€
Payment 10,070.00€
*This table offers some basic information.

Interest rates on time deposits of legal entities (standard-class savings) in foreign currencies are given in the following examples:
  • Amount of deposit in USD, CHF i GBP
  • 100-
3 0,01%
6 0,02%
12 0,03%
24 0,04%