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* The data from the calculator is of informative character

  • ID card,
  • Loan Application Form,
  • Statement on related parties,
  • The approval of access to data of the Credit Registry of the Central Bank of Montenegro,
  • The statement of the current account used for the payment of salaries or other income during the period of time which is ( by the rule) 3 months prior to the month of submitting the Application,
  • Applicant’s salary administrative withholding order,
  • Other documents, if applicable.
REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR THE CLIENT WITH TOURISM AS AN ADDITIONAL ACTIVITY: The Client submits an employer’s statement on employment for an indefinite period, on the service contract employment or other documents that would confirm the validity and amount of regular or periodical earnings. At the time of submitting the Loan Application, the Client must be employed for a minimum of three months or receive regular payments on other basis.