Pay up to 36 instalments without interest rate!

Use our improved Mastercard® eco-friendly credit card to make installment purchases across the country, abroad or online!



Made for all clients who receive earnings through a transaction account for national payments at Prva banka and who are creditworthy.

Purchase of products and services in multiple monthly installments in the amount of €30 to €10,000*

*depending on the approved limit

Cash withdrawal at ATMs and counters (with POS terminals) in Montenegro and abroad with repayment in installments

Payment of goods and services in installments at all points of sale in the country and abroad, as well as via Internet

Use all the advantages provided by MONTE RATA!

Now you can pay up to 36 installments without interest rate, get cashback** and 6 months of free membership fee***.

** the first 30 existing or new clients, natural persons, who in the period from 18th Dec 2023 to 31st March 2024, make a maximum of one transaction with the Mastercard Installment card of Prva banka, in the amount of more than €1,200.00, will receive a cashback of €50.00. The cashback can be obtained only once during the promotional period and will be paid within 15 days from the date of fulfillment of the stated condition.

*** all natural persons who in the period from from 18th Dec 2023 to 31st March 2024 submit an application for the issuance of the Mastercard Installment card of Prva banka, for the first 6 months will not pay the monthly membership fee for the card, which does not include maintaining of a transaction account.

Notification about the promotion campaign „MONTE RATA“

The usage is simple - at the point of sale, during payment, the total amount of the bill will automatically be divided as follows:

• from 30,00 to 150,00€ into 3 monthly installments;
• from 150,00 to 200,00€ into 6 monthly installments;
• from 200,00 to 400,00€ into 9 monthly installments;
• from 400,00 to 800,00€ into 12 monthly installments;
• from 800,00 to 1.200,00€ into 18 monthly installments;
• from 1.200,00 to 2.000,00€ into 24 monthly installments;
• from 2.000,00€ into 36 monthly installments.

Required documentation:

• ID card;
• Application Form (for Mastercard Installment card);
• Certificate of income with the last 3 payrolls;
• Administrative ban on earnings.

Contact number for the Support of Prva bank's card holders is +382 20 445 217.

Get acquainted with the most important security recommendations and how to protect personal data

Issuing free of charge
Membership for primary card 2,00€ monthly
Membership for additional card 2,00€ monthly
Cash withdrawals at ATMs of Prva banka 2,00% (min. 2,00€)
Cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks 3,00% (min. 4,00€)
Cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad 3,00% (min. 4,00€)
Cash withdrawals at counters of other banks 3,00 % (min. 5,00€)
Cash withdrawals at counters of banks abroad 3,00 % (min. 5,00€)
Card replacement 5,00€
Fee for credit card cancellation (without reissue) free of charge
Card reissue 1,50€
Earlier release 10,00€
Checking balance 0,40€ per transaction
Pin menager 1,00€ per transaction
Unjustified reclamation 10,00€
SMS notification on authorised transactions 0,70€ monthly
Dynamic conversion of foreign currencies - at ATMs of Prva banka for users of foreign Mastercard and VISA cards in foreign currency 10% per transaction
Access fee/Surcharge fee - cash withdrawal at ATMs of Prva banka for users of foreign Mastercard and VISA cards 4,99€ per transaction
Installment fees per transaction  
Amount from 30,00€ to 150,00€ 1,00€ per installment - 3 installments
Amount from 150,01€ to 200,00€ 2,00€ per installment - 6 installments
Amount from 200,01€ to 400,00€ 2,00€ per installment - 9 installments
Amount from 400,01€ to 800,00€ 3,00€ per installment - 12 installments
Amount from 800,01€ to 1.200,00€ 3,00€ per installment - 18 installments
Amount from 1.200,01€ to 2.000,00€ 4,00€ per installment - 24 installments
Amount from 2.000,01€ 5,00€ per installment - 36 installments

In case of the card loss or theft, primary and/or additional card user must immediately inform, verbally (Call Centre number +382 19891), and within 2 days at the latest, in writing, any branch of the Bank or send the information to the address of Prva Banka CG, 81000 Podgorica, Bulevar Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 141. All the damages incurred as a result of abuse of the lost or stolen card is responsibility of the primary card user, up to the moment when the Bank receives written report on the loss or theft of the card.