PSD2 Open banking

For the purpose of complying with the new Law on Payment Operations which provides the compliance with PSD2 (Payment services directive), Prva banka has created the Developer portal and Sandbox surroundings which are available for testing to all third parties (TPP - Third Party Providers) who wish to join us on our way of further progress and development of open banking.

The access to our API products and Sandbox can be made through the following link https://developer.open-bank.prvabankacg.com/

For all additional questions you can contact us by sending an email to the following address PSD2@prvabankacg.com

Payment Services Directive (PSD2) represents the second directive on payment services, the main objective of which is to stimulate innovations and support the increased competition and transparency in the field of rendering payment services with the enhanced payment security.
This directive makes possible further development of payment operations in accordance with modern standards by which the entry to European market has been simplified to the new payment service providers, the so called third parties (TPP - Third Party Providers).
PSD2 directive has brought a set of rules according to which the new participants in payment operations will be able to render payment services to final users.
The change in the area of rendering payment services is the obligation of rendering access to selected services to third parties, by means of API Interface (Application Programming Interface). The new API applications provide services which make possible the performance of services of rendering information about the payment account (AIS - Account Information Service) as the service of payment initiation (PIS - Payment Initiation Service).
With the implementation of PSD2, the providers of payment services commit to respect the strict security requirements in the process of initiating and processing electronic payment transactions for the purpose of improving protection of payment operation users, which is provided by the applications of standards for strong authentication of clients who are the users of payment services (SCA - Strong Customer Authentication).